The Great White Pumpkin

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The Great White Pumpkins

The classic orange pumpkin is a timeless pick for your fall decor. But this Thanksgiving you may find yourself wanting to change up the traditional tablescape and decor. White pumpkins, once a novelty, are becoming increasingly common, and these intriguing white orbs are all the rage when it comes to chic autumn decorating. One way to use a larger white pumpkin is to use it as a vase. Fill your white pumpkin with bright blossoms and foliage. 

If your local nursery doesn’t have the larger white pumpkin you can group smaller ones together to make a strong statement. If you find yourself not finding any white pumpkins, you can paint your orange pumkin with flat white latex paint.

 These albinos with natural white skin have been bred by pumpkin growers, and seeds for specific varieties, such as Lumina, Cotton Candy or miniature Baby Boo, can be purchased and planted. White pumpkins must be planted after the risk of frost has passed, and they take about 90 days to grow.

Love these white pumkins! And since I DO NOT cook.. I will need to make a beautiful tablescape for the family Thanksgiving so I am not arriving empty handed. Also Known As: albino pumpkin, ghost pumpkin, Snowball, Casper, Lumina, Baby Boo, Cotton Candy Pumpkin

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