Indoor Teepees for Kids & Summer time Bliss!

kids indoor tepee

Indoor Teepees for Kids & Summer time Bliss!

Children are naturally imaginative about creating a play space. Forts, treehouses, teepees and tents are summer time bliss. But with temperatures already reaching the 100s here in Texas we are going to have to get creative and bring those outdoor forts inside.

Whether you have a little girl or little boy a teepee is a great place for those endless indoor adventures.

Here are some dreamy favorites!





The English word “teepee” comes from two Lakota Sioux words: “tee” meaning “to dwell,” and “pee” meaning “place.” Teepee is also spelled “tipi” or “tepee.”  

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A Bit of a Backstory…Teepees were the movable homes of the nomadic American Indian tribes of the Great Plains, like the Lakota Sioux, Cheyenne, Kiowa and Comanche. The tribes followed great herds of buffalo on horseback and migrated with the weather. Most of the tribes used teepees as temporary, movable homes as they traveled.








Materials Needed for the perfect Peewee Teepee:

  • 6- 6’ tree limbs or posts  
  • 3 yards of 60 inch wide of fabric
  • Craft paint & brushes
  • 3 Strong rubber bands
  • Ribbon for decorating!!
  • Straight pins
  • Pillows
  • Teddy Bears and Toys!
  • Blankets


 There a tons of DIYs out there on how to make these precous teepees.

Etsy and the Land of Nod also have an amazing collection of handmade teepees if you are short on time or just not very handy.

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