Bringing the Gypset Travel Finds Home

gypset travel in your home

Gypset travel souvenirs are the secret ingredient to the bohemian home. They bring the intrigue and depth that all spaces crave.

Every detail in my home tells has story. A story of what I have seen, colors that I love and places I have traveled. The interaction between antiques, thrift store finds and souvenirs is my bohemian design. Although many people do not enjoy thrifting and antiquing they do enjoy vacations. What you bring home from your vacations or travels can highlight the culture you love and offer cherished memories of the times had. The question is HOW to choose the right souvenirs and HOW to display them.

If you are a frequent traveler start to collect similar objects from different places and group them together. These could be maps, coins, menus, plates, books, masks or anything that interests you. If you are someone that frequents beaches start collecting seashells and put them in a large bowl on display. Even if you are someone who travels to the next town you could collect wine corks of where you have been and good times you have shared.


Collection of masks

scarf colllection

Collection of scarves 


Worn Basket Collection

I don’t get to travel as much as I would like to. If money wasn’t an issue I would be gypsettin’ all over the world. When I do get out I make it a point to find one incredible piece of artwork. I incorporate these pieces into my other works giving the art a more global look.  

gypset art

gypset art

When I was traveling in Tokyo I found this wonderful antique teapot that I fell in love with!! I carefully packed it into my carry-on luggage only to find it cracked down the center when I got off my 19 hour flight. That was when I personally swore off breakable souvenirs. But sometimes you find a piece that you must have.   


Textiles and Tapestries are a wonderful find and are my

#1 suggestion for gypsetters.

They are lightweight and easy to pack. They also can be implemented into your home in several ways.  You could make them into pillows, reupholster a ottoman, display as framed, unframed art or even drape them over a sofa or bed. 

Handiri Moroccan wedding blanket as art


 Mexican Otomi fabric on lampshade  


Turkish Killim on sofakilim dogs

Tapestry covered Pillows6f2a5125e009076f8d14382b8426afd5

Sometimes (for me most times) you fall in love with a piece that you cannot live without. If you have the means and the funds to purchase and bring it home.. GO for it!! If you love it don’t worry about it fitting in with your previous style. Style evolves just like a person does after traveling. 

Below are some of my absolute favorite Gypset travel finds that have been worked in to give these spaces a global bohemian look. 

Kantha blanket from Turkey

kanthaTextiles from Mexico

jungalow bedroom

JuJu hat from Africa

Juju hat

 Kimono from Japan

gypset kimono

Moroccan Tea Tray


Gypsetter: Its an alternative way of traveling. Take that jet set mentality, mix in the carefree mindset of a gypsy and you are ready to explore the world. Instead of a luxury hotel in Bahamas or St. Bart’s, you might find a Gypsetter in Montauk, Cornwall, or in a teepee in Ibiza.

 Gypset: An unconventional, bohemian approach to life. 


Another Tea Tray because I am obsessed!

tea tray

Photo Credits:

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New Fashion finds for Spring


Spring is here! Welcome warm weather and brighter colors!! I am so excited to add a new fresh outfit to my wardrobe. 

These lace dresses have inspired me to find a great lace look that I can wear to client meetings.


After diving into Spiegel’s online catalog I think I may have some winners that will be perfect for new client meetings. 

My #1 absolute favorite choice is the jumpsuit! The delicate lace is feminine and fashionable.  

pant suit

I also love this season’s prettiest skirt. It combines black lace and mesh in a chic midi length. 


Mixing patterns is one of my favorite trends this year. This dress makes it brainless.. what a great statement piece. 

black dress

This would surely dazzle a client or even a date.

Spiegel first introduced women’s fashion in 1912 and has been emerging with romantic and unique fashion lines ever since. They took us from the Great Depression, through the Women’s Rights Movement to the colorful working woman bohemian era.


Spiegel has always known how to dress a woman for business and for pleasure… speaking of pleasure….After the hard business workweek I will be catching some rays in the sun this summer.


Being an interior designer can be a stressful job.. sometimes I find myself diving deep into the Reese’s or my favorite crackers.. I will be needing a full coverage bathing suit this year and I LOVE Spiegel’s one pieces and tankinis!! 

b29825aaf951060d092063ee3991ebef (1)bbf91ca4d0becda296b281e594eb6762 (1) ee8ce47a976e626389dd8d1352fddead (1)

What is a fabulous bohemian outfit without their bright jewelry?!! 

These nice turquoise or coral pieces are sure to work with either outfit. 

jewelsI love all these bright pieces! 


Be sure to check them out: :)

Happy Spring! 

Spiegel, Spiegel Pinterest

Happy Easter


Easter is here! I’m so excited I needed to share some of my favorite finds :) Hope you all enjoy your long weekend.  


feather and eggsroses in egss

I love spring colors, so fresh and lively.


Bunnies don’t have to just be an Easter holiday, try bringing them into your everyday decor !

bunny love

pink bunny

rabbit on wall


rabbit chair

Adding botanical prints and bright pastels are another great way to bring spring into your decor.

botanicalsvintage seatpastels seatfringe pillow casesCheck out these fabulous DIY pillowcases !! 

Happy Happy Easter!! Come back soon to see the incredible finds Katy and I score at this weekends’ Round Top – Warrenton Flea Market trip!! 

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Safe Travels



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The White Walled Bohemian; white wall inspiration


The white walled Bohemian; white wall inspiration

One of the key ingredients to a bohemian home and to my happiness is being surrounded by vibrant colors. The white walls in my home are wearing on my soul. As I am about to say good bye to my security deposit and go crazy with the Oops paint from Home Depot I stumble upon a very inspiring white wall space, Burnay Fatima’s home.

bunny living

The home of Fatima occupies its own particular universe while showcasing market finds and beloved family heirlooms.

bunny entry

The hallway showcases a stuffed bird of Anmoder, a Bertoia side chair and a chest from Pedras & Pessego. The wall decoration was made with cut velvet; such a great idea for a renter.    bunny library

The main wall in the living room is occupied by a book shelf and fireplace. They are original to this charming old home.

bunny details

One corner of the room is used as a make shift library; the top of a dresser recovered with back-coated wallpaper. On the wall, a composition of images from Venice.


Fatima unleashes her passion for creativity by starting from scratch; white walls and ceilings. She then fills every empty corner with her colorful treasures. bunny

bunny bedroom

Luxurious textiles, art, books and colorful treasures even find themselves in the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. 



In the kitchen remains the bohemian spirit and awareness of recycling that dominates the house. The table was made from purchased wood from a flea market in Comporta and plates from The Tile Warehouse.

boho kitchenboho kitchen bunny

Such an inspiring space! Thanks Burnay!

Source: Elle Es

Bohemian Spring Decorating with fur

fur kitty

Bohemian Spring Decorating with fur

Spring is just around the corner! For me that does not mean spring cleaning or starting the “bikini diet.” It means bringing out the spring décor. As exciting as that is, there is one winter decorating piece that I must hold on to. The fur! One of my favorite trends this year has been decorating with faux fur. LOVE it!! The soft look that a fur (faux of course) can bring to a room takes it from a living room into a luxurious snuggling room.

Sergio Rodrigues

The look of furs thrown onto the sofa and bed may be meant for a winter look but there are ways we can keep it around.
Elle Decor

Using your furs as rugs

nicholeloiaconodesignfur carpet suzani fur carpetAstier-bedroom-Elle-Decor

Throws on beds

white fur

Notes: Used light colored furs or pair with light colors.

fur with pastelspring fur 2Using furs as accent pillows works well for a spring time look.
fur pillow 1

Small furs on side chairs

merchant design

I love a small fur thrown on a side chair but I suggest using a white fur for a fresher look.

spring furwhite on blk chairturquoise and fure


If you can’t find a way to use fur in your spring decor take it outside! Your patio will never feel so luxurious.

fur out side


Bohemian Spring Decorating with Fur Sources:

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Happy Spring from Texas !

Light up my life with Bohemian lighting

boho lantern

Bohemian Lighting Love:

As I am still trying to transform my new house into a home I find myself trying to find new ways to introduce a little bohemian life and color into rooms where the landlord has forbidden me from painting the walls. (#miss.mylast.landlord.mysweetmomma) However, he hasn’t yet forbidden the changing of light fixtures …. and I dare not ask permission. I will have to choose an amazing piece and ask for forgiveness later. As I look for ideas and inspiration I am overwhelmed by the beauty that bohemian lighting brings to a room!

Light up my life with Bohemian lightingLight up my life with Bohemian lightingLight up my life with Bohemian lighting

There is something about bohemian lighting that adds such warmth to a room.


Choosing the right light fixture can visually and emotionally warm your spirit. With the winter months almost to an end the absence of sunlight can contribute to bouts of depression. What some call the blues can sometimes be diagnosed as the extreme version called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). So if you are feeling blue and need some life in your space think about a new light fixture. 

Gold lighting cross lightI think everyone needs at least one piece of this room in their lives; an Eames lounger, disco balls, a cross light, concrete floors, or a beautiful brunette. 

fabric covered

The idea of wrapping fabric over an existing light fixture has really sparked some ideas for my home. 

Scary lightlounge

Love these beautiful bohemian lanterns. They seem to make every space more special. 

gold intricate lightAntique Room

lanturn in bedroomlibrary

These are just amazing examples of bohemian lighting.

Magazine chandi

paper lanturnsticks light

With the weekend here I am so pumped about taking these bohemian lighting ideas and using them in my new home. I will post pictures soon! Wish everyone well! XOXOXO


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