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DIY Bohemian Decor!!! Creating a bohemian chic decor is more difficult to create than it appears. This is because the very key to doing it successfully is to make it look completely effortless and unplanned. There are a couple absolute must haves in a space for it to be a successful bohemian inspired interior!

1. Color!!! If you are Boho then you are not afraid of color.



2. Combining a mix of vintage furniture from different eras is a great start.


3. Upcycle! Get creative… Think of new ways to use furniture pieces, such as this luggage as a table.. You could also use a chinese cabinet as a vanity, hanging clothes on a tree stump, a vintage sign for a head-board or even a toy as a planter.

Picker Sisters I love you!!

Law mama

Chrissy & Kyle’s home

4. Bright fabrics with ethnic patterns from around the world. Mix in bright solids with suzani, ikat, jacobean, Aztec/western, sunburst, paisley, skins and stripes. Some of my absolute favorites patterns are from Lee Jofa and Fabric.Com.

5. Texture is a great way to add dimension. Mix textures likes silks, tapestries, carpets, wood and copper. A great way to bring in true bohemian texture is with books! You must have tonssss of books!! Bargain shops are always having sales on old hard back books.. next time stock up! Another great source is Etsy!

Moon to Moon

6. Art Work! This is my favorite thing in Bohemian spaces! You must MUST have a gallery wall full of different types of artwork. Have unique pieces; ethnic rugs, tapestries and throws can also be used as art on the walls.



7. Groovy, eclectic light.. in this case.. the bigger and weirder the better!

Apartment Therapy

Kate Foley

8. Bohemian interiors are inspired by traveling India, Morocco, South Africa & South America. Bring in Atleast One Funky, ethnic, one of a kind piece, like a peacock mirror or birdcage chandelier. They are sure to add whimsy to your space.

Family Love Tree

Young House Love

9. Get Messy!! Okay.. I may have made this up.. but it works.

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  1. Lacey Estes says:

    Thanks for breaking this down for me.. didnt really understand what bohemian design was before I read this post. Very helpful. Keep it up!

I love hearing each of your comments.. they make me and Vera smile!


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