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I have recently become addicted to the newish HBO series Girls. One thing that hooked me is how real the girls are. We get to see an honest portrayal of how real single girls in their 20’s struggle with boys, weight, jobs and being broke. While there have been comparisons to it and it’s big sister Sex and the City. Girls does not glamorize everything. And as a girl who didn’t live a chic 20’s Im loving it.


Hannah and Marnie’s Apartment

While the girl in me is loving and laughing at the plot lines in the show… my design eye is LOVIN all the small details.  Just like the girls’ problems, the interiors on the set are very realistic. A mix match of family hand-b-downs, thrift finds and a few small fabulous additions.

The eye catching show stopper in Hannah and Marnie’s apartment is a Tulip table designed by the great Eero Saarinen. The addition of vibrant colors in the apartment, the lovely blue tweed sofa, the Eames molded chair and the vintage sideboard make this apartment a win in my book. 


Shoshanna’s Apartment

Shoshanna’s apartment is my favorite. In the show, Shoshanna explains that her aunt helps her pay for her apartment so her interiors are a bit more exciting. The set pays homage to Sex and the City displaying a large poster above the sofa. Pink is the color of choice for girly Shoshanna.

The scene with Jessa visiting Shoshanna was where I fell in deeeeeep love with Sho’s apartment. I have quite the obsession with Moroccan wedding blankets. The feminine textures and layers found in the apartment dazzle me. 


Marnie’s Boyfriend Charlie’s Apartment

It is not until the end of the season where we see Marnie’s super sweet ex-boyfriend Charlie’s apartment. And just like him it is adorable.

 I love the old bed spring netting in the kitchen that has been upcycled into a pot rack.

Although I do not have HBO, well I don’t have cable at all, I watch Girls as they are released on the internet and dvd collections. I am due for season 3 where I cannot wait to see what Hannah’s apartment will look like now that Marnie has moved out.. new dramas and interiors await!!

Sources: Designer Laura Ballinger, HBO, Houzz

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16 Responses

  1. Jennifer says:

    I love this show and I LOVE how realistic their apartments are. NYC apartments, on average, do not look like the ones of Sex and the City or Friends, and it always drove me crazy!

  2. Kimmy says:

    I love Shoshanna. She is, by far, my favorite character. I just find her adorable. And you’re right, the set design for this show, is amazing.

I love hearing each of your comments.. they make me and Vera smile!


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