In deep love with ceramist Frances Palmer


I am so close to being completely unpacked and settled into my new home. As I was unpacking my studio and getting my pottery wheel into commission I started remembering this ceramist I fell in love with years ago; Frances Palmer. Her handmade ceramics are functional pieces of art; dishware and vases that can be used on a daily basis. Each piece is truly unique and a perfect addition to the bohemian table setting and decor. LOVE her!

If you have ever spent any time on the wheel you can appreciate her vases. I am in awe.

Flowers are beautiful on there own..but in her vases weeds look good.

All right, now back to playing and getting my hands dirty in some clay. Thanks Frances!!

Frances Palmer Pottery, Frances Pin Boards, Interview @ DS

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37 Responses

  1. Well the vases are ALMOST overshadowed by the red and white tulips because they are so beautiful. I would take any one of those vases, but I really like the black and white one. Good to hear from you! Glad you are settling in.

  2. such an amazing post – always enjoy them soo much!
    i feel like vases can be such a lovely thing in a house and can make a huge difference! love love love the last one:)
    lots & lots of love honey and keep up your amazing work! :)

  3. Hi Tami,

    These ceramic vases are gorgeous! I love filling the house w/ flowers. great inspiration!

    thanks for visiting my blog. Im following you on Bloglovin now. Can’t wait to see more of your posts

    love from california,

I love hearing each of your comments.. they make me and Vera smile!


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