DIY Feather Headdress

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DIY Feather Headdress: The sweetest man in the world, my nephew Gavin, turned one this past weekend. My moon baby needed something spectacular. So of course I landed upon an Indian headdress. While browsing the web I couldn’t find any great DIYs. So,  I made a detailed description on how I did it.


Materials Needed for diy-feathered-headdress: ( I got all of these for under $25)

Assorted feathers, different colors and lengths

Boa of feathers, ours was 4’ long

Hot glue gun

Beads: glass, plastic or wood


Needle and thread

Felt or leather

Twine, leather or rope

Ribbon or fringe

Loose earrings, jewels, etc  Cut these pieces according to how large your headdress will be. My headdress was for a small boy, so the pieces were smaller. I used a light globe to “fit” my headdress on while making it.

This first layer should use the larger feathers. Don’t start at the very edge of the felt. You will be attaching more feathers under this first layer at the very end.

Historically speaking, Native American headdress were usually many colors. It depended on what birds were indigenous to the area in which the tribe lived. You can use the colors of your choice!


Bring these layers all the way down to where the neckline would hit. I threw in some shimmer with earrings that had been missing their mate.

I used hot glue to attach the beads and trim. You could sew if you needed the extra durability.



Insert the feathers until you get the fullness desired.

It is a little known fact that Native American headdresses were not made completely in one sitting. In fact, each time the chief, warrior, or other important tribe member committed a brave act, a feather was added. Therefore, the more feathers in the headdress, the braver and sometimes much more ominous the wearer was. This fact alone makes the significance of the Native American headdress very important.


These hanging tassel like beaded feathers can be as large and wild as your heart desires! Mine was for a child, so I kept the size in check!

The bands of elastic are just an easy way to adjust the size of the headdress. You could use elastic, buttons or just have it made to one size.


Waalaaa! How do the kids like it?



Warning!! My cat wanted to attack my head as soon as I tried it out. Luckily the kids don’t have crazy cats!



I wish you luck with your headdresses!!



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I love hearing each of your comments.. they make me and Vera smile!


These instructions were wonderful and yes very few are shown on the internet. I really appreciate you sharing with others. My nephew’s school are the “redtops” and mascot… an Indian, A headdress will be perfect for homecoming! Thanks


Love this tutorial, so I decided to make one for my niece, a halloween birthday girl! ;)
I went all out on colors and modified the shape a bit and it turned out beautifully!
Thanks for sharing!
Check out my result here:

I love this tutorial, Very simple and easy, I attempted my own version here!