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Frosted Wedding Cakes Inspire Furniture

wedding cake nightstand Vera

Frosted Wedding Cakes Inspire Furniture:  A DIY guide on giving your furniture a frosted wedding cake look. 

I used to design and decorate stage sets for a local children’s theater. While I was there I learned a lot of tricks and very cool faux techniques. At the theater we would have to get creative with the existing props and would have to transform them into a time and style appropriate prop. Last year when I was working on Little Women I had to dress up an old side dining chair to make it look Victorian. The plain chair needed to look more ornate and decorative, so I decided to get the trusty hot glue gun out and made decorative scrolls and designs on the chair legs. When the hot glue had dried I simply painted over the glue and the chair. It gave it a faux carved look. This idea has now evolved into decorating furniture with painter’s caulk.

I have been playing with the idea of putting caulk into a baker’s piping bag and piping a wedding cake-frosted like finish on a piece of furniture. This bedside table is my first attempt. It was also my first attempt at using a piping bag. 

I started with a thrift find. Just an old wooden bedside table. At first I thought of doing a blue wedding cake look. So I primed and gave the piece a base coat of blue. I used Kiltz primer and regular Behr indoor gloss paint for the base coat. Later deciding against the blue I went with a white and gold glaze. 

I found some inexpensive latex caulk at Walmart. It was $1.20 per tube. You can use any kind of caulk, just make sure it says paint-able. Some of the silicone based caulks will not take paint. I squeezed about half a tube of caulk into a piping back and continued filling as I needed. 

I  borrowed the piping bags and tips from my sister in law, but I think they are available just about everywhere. I used just one of the simplistic tips for piping. I was just wanting to test the technique to see how this idea would work. Later I think I will get a little crazy creative with all the different piping tips and styles out there.

Since this was my first attempt with a piping bag, the first step I took with the was followed the existing decorative lines with a small bead of caulk. I continued beading out caulk on most of the existing routed and grooved areas of the bedside table. 

After piping out the caulk I painted the entire piece a white. I was really having a hard time on what color I wanted this. After I painted it white I thought it needed some more shine! ( I kinda like grandma-style gaudy! ) I had some iridescent silver and some gold paint that I dry brushed over the piece which added such a nice dazzle.

Final look

Again, I really like the idea behind this and can not wait to try some more styles of cake piping tips out. Please let me know if you have any ideas that snowball off of this. 


DIY Gallery Art Wall

gallery wall boho

You do not need tricks from a curator to get the eclectic boho gallery wall. Theses 4 tips I am going to give you will sure to lead you to success!

But beware!! If you are looking for a neatly organized, understated room… this is not for you!

The #1 thing is to find is 3-5 (or more if your wall is large!) great pieces of art. Mix prints and paintings that vary in style, medium, frame and color. Etsy is a great source.

Look for art that has appealing colors and will coordinate with one another. Mix in a mirror for some sparkle.

#2 Lay these starter pictures out on the floor. There really isn’t any math to this.. you do not need to make a template from butcher paper! Over thinking this will make you crazy.

#3 Fill in the bare spots!! Find nick-knacks, decorative letters, plaques, post cards, tapestries, clocks or plates and drop them in any “bare” areas.

#4 Hang!! Start lower on the wall than you normally would and continue to the ceiling.

Do not worry about having a focal point or having these at eye level.


DIY Bohemian Decor

suitcase bohemian

DIY Bohemian Decor!!! Creating a bohemian chic decor is more difficult to create than it appears. This is because the very key to doing it successfully is to make it look completely effortless and unplanned. There are a couple absolute must haves in a space for it to be a successful bohemian inspired interior!

1. Color!!! If you are Boho then you are not afraid of color.



2. Combining a mix of vintage furniture from different eras is a great start.


3. Upcycle! Get creative… Think of new ways to use furniture pieces, such as this luggage as a table.. You could also use a chinese cabinet as a vanity, hanging clothes on a tree stump, a vintage sign for a head-board or even a toy as a planter.

Picker Sisters I love you!!

Law mama

Chrissy & Kyle’s home

4. Bright fabrics with ethnic patterns from around the world. Mix in bright solids with suzani, ikat, jacobean, Aztec/western, sunburst, paisley, skins and stripes. Some of my absolute favorites patterns are from Lee Jofa and Fabric.Com.

5. Texture is a great way to add dimension. Mix textures likes silks, tapestries, carpets, wood and copper. A great way to bring in true bohemian texture is with books! You must have tonssss of books!! Bargain shops are always having sales on old hard back books.. next time stock up! Another great source is Etsy!

Moon to Moon

6. Art Work! This is my favorite thing in Bohemian spaces! You must MUST have a gallery wall full of different types of artwork. Have unique pieces; ethnic rugs, tapestries and throws can also be used as art on the walls.



7. Groovy, eclectic light.. in this case.. the bigger and weirder the better!

Apartment Therapy

Kate Foley

8. Bohemian interiors are inspired by traveling India, Morocco, South Africa & South America. Bring in Atleast One Funky, ethnic, one of a kind piece, like a peacock mirror or birdcage chandelier. They are sure to add whimsy to your space.

Family Love Tree

Young House Love

9. Get Messy!! Okay.. I may have made this up.. but it works.


DIY Feather Headdress

DIY Boho headdress

DIY Feather Headdress: The sweetest man in the world, my nephew Gavin, turned one this past weekend. My moon baby needed something spectacular. So of course I landed upon an Indian headdress. While browsing the web I couldn’t find any great DIYs. So,  I made a detailed description on how I did it.


Materials Needed for diy-feathered-headdress: ( I got all of these for under $25)

Assorted feathers, different colors and lengths

Boa of feathers, ours was 4’ long

Hot glue gun

Beads: glass, plastic or wood


Needle and thread

Felt or leather

Twine, leather or rope

Ribbon or fringe

Loose earrings, jewels, etc  Cut these pieces according to how large your headdress will be. My headdress was for a small boy, so the pieces were smaller. I used a light globe to “fit” my headdress on while making it.

This first layer should use the larger feathers. Don’t start at the very edge of the felt. You will be attaching more feathers under this first layer at the very end.

Historically speaking, Native American headdress were usually many colors. It depended on what birds were indigenous to the area in which the tribe lived. You can use the colors of your choice!


Bring these layers all the way down to where the neckline would hit. I threw in some shimmer with earrings that had been missing their mate.

I used hot glue to attach the beads and trim. You could sew if you needed the extra durability.



Insert the feathers until you get the fullness desired.

It is a little known fact that Native American headdresses were not made completely in one sitting. In fact, each time the chief, warrior, or other important tribe member committed a brave act, a feather was added. Therefore, the more feathers in the headdress, the braver and sometimes much more ominous the wearer was. This fact alone makes the significance of the Native American headdress very important.


These hanging tassel like beaded feathers can be as large and wild as your heart desires! Mine was for a child, so I kept the size in check!

The bands of elastic are just an easy way to adjust the size of the headdress. You could use elastic, buttons or just have it made to one size.


Waalaaa! How do the kids like it?



Warning!! My cat wanted to attack my head as soon as I tried it out. Luckily the kids don’t have crazy cats!



I wish you luck with your headdresses!!




DIY Pendant Light Ocean Inspired

bohemian light kara_fishscale_lamp_4

DIY Pendant Light

This project Im sharing is from designer Kara Paslay. Inspired by the ocean, Kara decided to transform a simple paper globe into a beautiful sculptural pendant lamp. By dyeing and dipping cut paper rounds into wax, Kara has transformed the material into an almost unrecognizable state. The “scales” have a glowing, translucent finish and a gorgeous deep watery hue, giving the lamp a beautiful texture, whether it’s unlit or switched on and glowing from within.



110# paper

circle cutter (available at most craft stores)

Rit Dye

paraffin wax

mineral oil

crock pot

extra bowl

white paper lantern

glue gun


1. Use your circle cutter and use 110# paper to create around 200 circles. The 200 circles will cover a 14 in. paper lantern.

2. Place the cut circles into a bucket of Rit Dye (Kara used the purple and purple mixed with teal) and allow them to darken to your taste. Choosing to make circles different shades will enhance the texture of the final piece.

3. Create a double boiler with your crock pot and extra bowl. Put a block of the paraffin wax in the extra bowl to melt. Once the wax is melted, add mineral oil to thin the wax. Make sure your circles are dry and then dip each one into the wax, making sure to leave a portion of the top clean and clear of any wax. Lay the circle on wax paper to dry.


Note: Dipping the circles in the wax makes the paper transparent and allows the light to pass through it more easily.

4. Once the wax has dried, start attaching the circles to a white paper lantern. Use a glue gun and be sure to place the glue on the portion of the circle that does not have wax on it.


5. Work your way around the lantern until it is fully covered. Start at the bottom and overlapp circles in a fish scale-like pattern so the top layer will be at the top of the lantern.


6. Use the lighting kit that comes with the lantern to create an amazing light fixture!



Wow!! Thanks Design Sponge and Kara!!




DIY Painting Upholstery FAIL!

Uphostery before-after

DIY Painting Upholstery Failure!!!    First of all, I have been a bit skeptical of this painting upholstery idea. But I couldn’t resist trying. After all, I paint everything! I started with a $5 chair I got a garage sale..Basically something I wouldn’t miss if this turned out to be a disaster.

Materials needed:

Old Garage sale chair with rose velvet fabric
1 Quart of latex Pink paint
1 Spray bottle full of water, ready for refills
Paint brush
Fabric medium
Sand paper in super fine grit

I did not use the acrylic craft paint which is suggested

Additional Materials:
My side kick Vera the cat
Jamming Tunes

Here is what we did.

1. We made sure our chair was clean and free of dirt (and Vera hair).

Vera seriously doubting this “painting the chair” idea.

2. Removed all seat cushions that were not attached from the chair.

3. Mixed 1:1 parts of latex paint and fabric medium.

4. We watered the paint/ textile medium mixture down. Mixed in about 1/2 the amount of water as paint.

5. We did our base coat. And I am still pretty pumped that this is going to be amazing!

6. I continued to spritz the chair with water and worked the paint into the velvet.

7. I did two light coats, waited for them to dry and lightly sanded.

8. Final Coat!! I finished off the chair with one last coat and let it dry.


Final Product.. Well I would NOT say I knocked this DIY out of the park. In fact, I would say this is a Do it Yuck!! Because this chair is CRUNCHY! Too bad because it looks pretty good.

Not sure what I did wrong… Maybe used a bit too much latex and not enough water.

All in all.. I would have to say that this is a FAIL!

Oh Well.. We had fun! And it sure looks better than it did!

Thanks Kristy!

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