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Bringing the Gypset Travel Finds Home

gypset travel in your home

Gypset travel souvenirs are the secret ingredient to the bohemian home. They bring the intrigue and depth that all spaces crave.

Every detail in my home tells has story. A story of what I have seen, colors that I love and places I have traveled. The interaction between antiques, thrift store finds and souvenirs is my bohemian design. Although many people do not enjoy thrifting and antiquing they do enjoy vacations. What you bring home from your vacations or travels can highlight the culture you love and offer cherished memories of the times had. The question is HOW to choose the right souvenirs and HOW to display them.

If you are a frequent traveler start to collect similar objects from different places and group them together. These could be maps, coins, menus, plates, books, masks or anything that interests you. If you are someone that frequents beaches start collecting seashells and put them in a large bowl on display. Even if you are someone who travels to the next town you could collect wine corks of where you have been and good times you have shared.


Collection of masks

scarf colllection

Collection of scarves 


Worn Basket Collection

I don’t get to travel as much as I would like to. If money wasn’t an issue I would be gypsettin’ all over the world. When I do get out I make it a point to find one incredible piece of artwork. I incorporate these pieces into my other works giving the art a more global look.  

gypset art

gypset art

When I was traveling in Tokyo I found this wonderful antique teapot that I fell in love with!! I carefully packed it into my carry-on luggage only to find it cracked down the center when I got off my 19 hour flight. That was when I personally swore off breakable souvenirs. But sometimes you find a piece that you must have.   


Textiles and Tapestries are a wonderful find and are my

#1 suggestion for gypsetters.

They are lightweight and easy to pack. They also can be implemented into your home in several ways.  You could make them into pillows, reupholster a ottoman, display as framed, unframed art or even drape them over a sofa or bed. 

Handiri Moroccan wedding blanket as art


 Mexican Otomi fabric on lampshade  


Turkish Killim on sofakilim dogs

Tapestry covered Pillows6f2a5125e009076f8d14382b8426afd5

Sometimes (for me most times) you fall in love with a piece that you cannot live without. If you have the means and the funds to purchase and bring it home.. GO for it!! If you love it don’t worry about it fitting in with your previous style. Style evolves just like a person does after traveling. 

Below are some of my absolute favorite Gypset travel finds that have been worked in to give these spaces a global bohemian look. 

Kantha blanket from Turkey

kanthaTextiles from Mexico

jungalow bedroom

JuJu hat from Africa

Juju hat

 Kimono from Japan

gypset kimono

Moroccan Tea Tray


Gypsetter: Its an alternative way of traveling. Take that jet set mentality, mix in the carefree mindset of a gypsy and you are ready to explore the world. Instead of a luxury hotel in Bahamas or St. Bart’s, you might find a Gypsetter in Montauk, Cornwall, or in a teepee in Ibiza.

 Gypset: An unconventional, bohemian approach to life. 


Another Tea Tray because I am obsessed!

tea tray

Photo Credits:

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Cruising the Markets of Israel

Market Israel 029

On my daily Pinterest pinning binge I have been falling in love with all the ethinic market pictures. I got to reminiscing on my time I spent in Israel last Christmas.   The markets of Israel were full of colorful spices, hookas, scarves, art and very interesting people.

Tel Aviv has entire streets with shops devoted to particular items: spices, bridal gowns, clothing, fabrics, furniture, original gift items, fashion accessories, and galleries. In addition to these special streets such as Dizengoff, Shenkin, Herzl, Nakhlat Binyamin, and Levinsky, there are bi-weekly art fairs on Nakhlat Binyamin in the city center, bazaars with designer clothes and crafts in the exhibition grounds and around the port area, and an annual food fair called “Ta’am ha-Ir” (Taste of the City) where one can sample a variety of foods that are available in restaurants throughout the country.

There were some amazing artist and musicians.

Meats, spices, candies and more filled the air with color.

This shark wanted an open mouth kiss!

The Old City is the focus of attraction in Jerusalem with its Oriental and local atmosphere, where one can purchase artifacts, ornaments made of wood, seashells, leather and straw, blown glass, and traditional clothing. The annual art fair, “Khutsot ha-Yotzer” offers both prestigious works of art and folk crafts created by Israeli artists. There are farmers’ markets in the German Colony and in the moshavim surrounding the city. The historical, renovated city center is filled with coffee shops and stores that sell gifts and souvenirs.

Even though there was a bomb scare when we were was AMaZING!

This bakery in Jaffa had the most EPIC bread!

To see additional people watching pics and snaps of the trip bring it on!


Road Tripping Solo

Austin 003

With another nephew due in October I made my way down to Austin this weekend to help my sister paint the nursery. While making this six hour drive alone I quickly fell in love with the freedom of riding solo. I toasted to the journey and took three bathroom breaks just cause I could.

I stuck my phone out of the window a couple of times while saying farewell to East Texas.

Hello Austin!!!

After the six hour drive, three restroom breaks, a couple of really bad pictures and falling back in love with some old Beck cds that had been stashed in the cd archives, I finally arrived to Austin to see my family ! I was also greeted by Ruben ( the cat ) and a bottle of wine. For some hilarious reason, my sister and mother think foil or saran wrap works just as good as a cork!

After a full day of painting and falling in love with the hill country I headed back to East Texas. Corsicana brought me a delightful lunch at the Collin Street Bakery. I made the best discovery in Athens. The Wagon Wheel Antique Mall.

This place was filled with treasures. The Mammy cookie jar and this plastic cane chair almost made it into my Mustang!

I did make it home with some large burlap coffe bags that I had been wanting! Any DIY ideas?

 A truck I passed.. Hello East Texas.


Guadalupe River Trip the Dirty Thirty


Guadalupe River Trip the Dirty Thirty

Turning thirty can only be done in style with some of your besties!! Thank you Katy, Becky and Lauren for bringing in the BIG 3-0 with me. We did it up in style going to one of the best places in Texas.. the Guadalupe River!

And of course Katy found us our very own treehouse! Yes.


Robin’s Roost!!!



If you are looking for the right formula for sitting on the river…. I think we figured it out.. It is a good mix of oldie but goodie tunes on the boombox, vodka soaked gummy bears, jello shots, drinks, dollar store floats and hats and the name game (Highschool name edition)!!


After getting pretty burned the first day we enjoyed a relaxing night at the Gristmill.

Love the Gristmill!!! Please go if you are ever in New Braunfels. They always have fun bands and great food and drinks.

Gruene Texas is a rare gem with plenty of characters and spots to visit. There are daily spas, wine tasting, lots of boutiques and shops. I love the quirky shops like Fickle Pickle Antiques and Pickles, Dancing Bear, Tipsy Gypsy, Buck Pottery. But our favorite and the most famous spot in Gruene is Gruene Hall.

Gruene Texas

Built in 1878, Gruene Hall is the oldest continually running dance hall in Texas. Many greats have played here. Including: David Allen Coe, Dixie Chicks, Arlo Guthrie, Merle Haggard, Jack Ingram, Robert Earl Keen, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Willie Nelson, George Straight, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jerry Jeff Walker and Hank Williams.


Back at Robin’s Roost Canyon City, Texas

For our second day on the river, we loaded up a mans worth of drinks and ventured out on our first river trip without any boys to help.




Lauren looking like a rock star!

I have never seen the river soo crowded. And they were showing some fine colors!!

I’m always that girl who falls in the water..and I’m a terrible swimmer.. but getting in a tube in the river is the most enjoyable way “swim.” Sweet Becky!!!Sweet Katy!!! How did you get tied to that CatyWompa cooler!!??


River Rat Spottings

After a full weekend of sun, ladies and a treehouse I am ready for the rest of the ladies to turn thirty.

Katy!! Birthday in Morocco!?!


Denton Etsy Bazaar

Denton Etsy Bazaar

Denton Etsy Bazaar

Being a Etsy Super fan, I ventured to the Summer Bazaar last May. The event was in Denton, TX and it brought out some of the best handmade goods and vintage finds that I have seen in a while.

The Summer Bazaar took place on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, May 26, 2012, at the Center for Visual Arts.

The vendor list for the Etsy Denton Summer Bazaar included 45 of the most creative people in the Denton Area, selling everything from furniture, home goods, jewelry, accessories, ceramics, vintage clothing and jewelry, bags, purses, wood carvings, kid and baby items, art and paper goods, and more, all with a unique twist.

Here were some of my favorites!

Fuzzy Muffins by Emily Schwarting.

Her designs are so playful and unique! Just love her. Emily is currently working as a graphic designer at a small studio in Dallas, Texas. A communication design graduate from the University of North Texas, she is constantly adding to her graphic design portfolio. When she isn’t working or watching back to back episodes of How I Met Your Mother, she can be found at home with her boyfriend and two semi-obsese cats, sewing plushies to her heart’s content.

See more of Fuzzy Muffins !!!

Infinite Bluebird by Allison Hasserd and Marilyn Kocurek.

These lovely ladies enjoy making handmade things together and sharing them with the world. Their jewelry and unique pieces are fabulous!

See more of Infinite Blue Bird!!!


Coco and Cocoa by Julie Grimmett

Julie is a wife, mother of three, blogger and knitter. Her quirky designs make me happy!



Read more about Julie or visit her store!


Home Again Home Again by Shelley Christner

Home Again Home Again is a collaborative effort of Shelley Christner and her husband of 25 years Vaughan. They sift through junk piles, flea markets, estate sales, old barns for treasures with design potential that sing to our hearts. They add a little time and love and the result is one of a kind pieces that add warmth and character to any home.

Read more about Home Again or visit her store!





Israel Market Photos

My sister and I were trying to look like we were floating... SUCCESS!


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