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Bohemian Decor Trends 2013

design trends 2013

Bohemian Decor Trends 2013

While attending design school I was always told to “STAY AWAY from trends!!” and I listened for years. I understand the importance of implementing design to appeal to the test of time, but lets have fun with decor. An easy way to bring in the hottest trends into your home is starting small with accessories.

Here are 5 of my personal favorite trends.

One trend that I am so excited about (and surprised about) is brass. This is not the brass you remember from the 80’s. It is clean, bright and will bring energy to any dull corner.

Check out this elephant piece from Emery & Cie.

The color Emerald; Pantone has release the color trend forecast for 2013 and Emerald is the color of the year! This means we will be seeing this bold color on the runway and in our home. Try this trend out with a lamp .. or get daring and paint a wall.

Another trend that is a blast from the past is bar carts. This is a great way to display beautiful china, vases, bottles of water… or even a bottle of fine wine! Obviously that is what mine has on it!

Mixing in the old into the new. The easiest pathway to a boring room is buying a whole room off a page from the furniture catalogue. MIX it up ladies and gentlemen! Adding in one antique piece can bring life, texture and interest. My personal design rule is to have at least half of the room’s furniture and accessories shine vintage.

Bold colors with a mix of ethnic patterns in pillows, rugs and accessories.

Global design is hitting the runways right now. Stay ahead of the curve by knowing interior design follows fashion design. Global patterns seen in the spring lines will be showing their faces in our homes very soon.


Happy Halloween; Skull Trend

halloween bohemian style

Happy Halloween; Skull Trend in Decor

Has anyone out there noticed this decor style that has been trending displaying skulls!? It is a spooky trend and since its Halloween I thought we could take at some of my favorites.

Succulents are also trending this fall, why not pair them? ( I’m assuming and hoping all these skulls are fake by the way….)The Dollar Store and Hobby Lobby have clearanced out all their plastic Halloween skulls. You can bring this trend into your home with a coat of spray paint or glitter. I have even seen bedazzled skulls. Hmmm Well the spooky skull look just maybe one that I will bring out for a day..Too spooky to display all year round for this lady.

Hope you all have a very safe Halloween.


Lovely Poufs and Ottomans – a different perspective


Bohemian Poufs and Ottomans are trending on the markets right now.  I wondered over to a site called Gan Rugs this morning where I was welcomed with a new concept and a stunning collection of interesting rugs and poufs. 

Shown above, Canevas alfombra, which translates to canvas capet, is a line from designer Charlotte Lancelot. Whom was born in Brussels in 1980 and studied at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Cambre where she graduated in industrial design in 2003. Her work is characterized by an emotional attachment to the objects around her. Ecology, aesthetics, modernization of old techniques and the improvement of living conditions are their main concerns.

Extraordinary, colorful, over-sized sweaters, made of 100% virgin wool are designed by talented Patricia Urquiola.  Mangas rug line still grows: Gandia Blasco has extended the collection with four new carpets, two runners and three poufs. “Mangas” means “sleeves” in Spanish – there are a variety of sleeve shapes to choose from: from Manga farol (bellowed sleeve) to Manga de campana (bell-shaped sleeve). Warm and inviting design, makes me think of Grandmother knitting and Christmas socks!

Shown above, the Touareg modular rugs and poufs.  From here you can create your space with multipurpose modules, cushions, occasional furniture, bean bags, containers … everything fits in your room to complement your own design style.


Check out their site for the full line of all the great carpets and poufs !

Shop GAN


JuJu Hats Invade the Design World


The Juju hat, Bamiléké feather headdress or Tyn Hat, has become a beautifully unique design staple in the kitchy boho design world. The Juju hat, symbol of prosperity, is believed to possess the positive qualities of birds and the beauty as well as fragility of life.  These hats originate from Cameroon, Africa and have been reserved for royalty and prominate leaders among tribes. 

The Juju hat, has been transformed into an impressive wall hanging.

Each of Cameroon’s ethnic groups has its own unique cultural forms. Typical celebrations include births, deaths, plantings, harvests, and religious rituals. 

Music and dance are an integral part of Cameroonian ceremonies, festivals, social gatherings, and storytelling. Traditional dances are highly choreographed and separate men and women or forbid participation by one sex altogether. The goals of dances range from pure entertainment to religious devotion. 

Musical accompaniment may be as simple as clapping hands and stomping feet, but traditional instruments include bells worn by dancers, clappers, drums, flutes, horns, rattles, scrapers, stringed instruments, whistles, and xylophones; the exact combination varies with ethnic group and region. 

The headdress is made of natural or dyed chicken feathers or of wild bird (such as guinea fowl) feathers stitched onto a woven raffia support and can be unfolded by pulling on a leather strap on the back, into an amazing circular hat of a circumference of about 31.5 inches. When not in use, the headdress can be folded into a basket shape, taking up very little space, with the feathers neatly protected inside. The headdress comes in a wide range of rich colors, either monochrome or a combination of colors, depending on the inspiration of the craftsman.

 They are also known as Cameroon headdress and Jojo hats.The feathers are utilized as rare objects of beauty, as a symbol of prosperity and for the wealth of positive qualities associated with birds. The Juju hat adds softness to decor and is a perfect addition to a bedroom or a space needing a soft splash of color. 

This type of weave is a painstaking process, and the way it neatly folds is rather remarkable. The Juju hat is evidence of a fine, unique and skillful weaving from West Africa using old world techniques. Each hat is made by a group of up to four artisans and takes a couple of days to make.

Source, Available to purchase, Houzz


Bohemian Hammocks.. I’m needing one!


Bohemian Hammocks.. I’m needing one!

Once upon a time, my sister Crissy had a dream of selling hammocks out of the back of her truck. She had just come back from a stay in Thailand and was stocked with some of the best hammocks I have ever seen. She didn’t make it very far on selling the hammocks, we were too busy enjoying them. We hung three hammocks out on our mother’s back porch, drank wink and swung till the sun would come up. I am not too sure what happened to our hammocks but I am super excited to get one of my own one day!

Hammocks are great for lazy days. Just find pillows, blankets, music and two trees or post.. plus wine. Have to have wine and snacks.

Love the Blue bonnets and lace around this hammock.. very romantic.

See how Kate with Design Sponge made this DIY Hammock.. This girl is amazing! 

Summer is leaving us! And Fall is right around the corner!

My sister has just moved into an incredible spot on the river in the Hill Country of Austin. She has some of the best outdoor areas that I could dream of. I cannot wait until we get the hammocks set up and get the red wine flowing.


Hope you enjoyed our Hammock time!


   HuntingforSunshineBHG79 IdeasOneofaKindMaluna, Tumblr


Indoor Teepees for Kids & Summer time Bliss!

kids indoor tepee

Indoor Teepees for Kids & Summer time Bliss!

Children are naturally imaginative about creating a play space. Forts, treehouses, teepees and tents are summer time bliss. But with temperatures already reaching the 100s here in Texas we are going to have to get creative and bring those outdoor forts inside.

Whether you have a little girl or little boy a teepee is a great place for those endless indoor adventures.

Here are some dreamy favorites!





The English word “teepee” comes from two Lakota Sioux words: “tee” meaning “to dwell,” and “pee” meaning “place.” Teepee is also spelled “tipi” or “tepee.”  

Restoration Hardware

A Bit of a Backstory…Teepees were the movable homes of the nomadic American Indian tribes of the Great Plains, like the Lakota Sioux, Cheyenne, Kiowa and Comanche. The tribes followed great herds of buffalo on horseback and migrated with the weather. Most of the tribes used teepees as temporary, movable homes as they traveled.








Materials Needed for the perfect Peewee Teepee:

  • 6- 6’ tree limbs or posts  
  • 3 yards of 60 inch wide of fabric
  • Craft paint & brushes
  • 3 Strong rubber bands
  • Ribbon for decorating!!
  • Straight pins
  • Pillows
  • Teddy Bears and Toys!
  • Blankets


 There a tons of DIYs out there on how to make these precous teepees.

Etsy and the Land of Nod also have an amazing collection of handmade teepees if you are short on time or just not very handy.

 Follow us for more exciting interior kid decor ideas!


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