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Bohemian Dining; Mixed Seating for Dinner


Bohemian Dining; Mixed Seating is just my style.

Working on my renovating my dining room I realize I hate all my existing furniture.

The problem; I am a crazy person and I buy any chair that has a good price tag. I may be a bit of a chair lush. So I have a ton of random chairs in my house.. and on the back porch.. and in the shed… I’m thinking I better find a use for all these odd chairs and around the dining table would be a perfect choice.tables

Looking around on Pinterest and Houzz I noticed that most of my favorite dining rooms are random, funky and full of mixed chairs. 


I am truly bench seating in the mix.


 I know I am pointing out the seating but what is that art piece? So unique. I could use that as well in my dining. 

Southampton-MoroccanBe sure to check out Houston TX based designer Laura U. She has some incredible bohemian interior designs. 



Love all the bright colors.  bohemian dining

My true dining chair love… Eames.. and the Pantone and Ghost Chair.. ahhhh love them. 


Hope everyone is having a wonderful May!! Thank you as always for reading.  


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The White Walled Bohemian; white wall inspiration


The white walled Bohemian; white wall inspiration

One of the key ingredients to a bohemian home and to my happiness is being surrounded by vibrant colors. The white walls in my home are wearing on my soul. As I am about to say good bye to my security deposit and go crazy with the Oops paint from Home Depot I stumble upon a very inspiring white wall space, Burnay Fatima’s home.

bunny living

The home of Fatima occupies its own particular universe while showcasing market finds and beloved family heirlooms.

bunny entry

The hallway showcases a stuffed bird of Anmoder, a Bertoia side chair and a chest from Pedras & Pessego. The wall decoration was made with cut velvet; such a great idea for a renter.    bunny library

The main wall in the living room is occupied by a book shelf and fireplace. They are original to this charming old home.

bunny details

One corner of the room is used as a make shift library; the top of a dresser recovered with back-coated wallpaper. On the wall, a composition of images from Venice.


Fatima unleashes her passion for creativity by starting from scratch; white walls and ceilings. She then fills every empty corner with her colorful treasures. bunny

bunny bedroom

Luxurious textiles, art, books and colorful treasures even find themselves in the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. 



In the kitchen remains the bohemian spirit and awareness of recycling that dominates the house. The table was made from purchased wood from a flea market in Comporta and plates from The Tile Warehouse.

boho kitchenboho kitchen bunny

Such an inspiring space! Thanks Burnay!

Source: Elle Es


Loving HBO Girls Set Design


I have recently become addicted to the newish HBO series Girls. One thing that hooked me is how real the girls are. We get to see an honest portrayal of how real single girls in their 20’s struggle with boys, weight, jobs and being broke. While there have been comparisons to it and it’s big sister Sex and the City. Girls does not glamorize everything. And as a girl who didn’t live a chic 20’s Im loving it.


Hannah and Marnie’s Apartment

While the girl in me is loving and laughing at the plot lines in the show… my design eye is LOVIN all the small details.  Just like the girls’ problems, the interiors on the set are very realistic. A mix match of family hand-b-downs, thrift finds and a few small fabulous additions.

The eye catching show stopper in Hannah and Marnie’s apartment is a Tulip table designed by the great Eero Saarinen. The addition of vibrant colors in the apartment, the lovely blue tweed sofa, the Eames molded chair and the vintage sideboard make this apartment a win in my book. 


Shoshanna’s Apartment

Shoshanna’s apartment is my favorite. In the show, Shoshanna explains that her aunt helps her pay for her apartment so her interiors are a bit more exciting. The set pays homage to Sex and the City displaying a large poster above the sofa. Pink is the color of choice for girly Shoshanna.

The scene with Jessa visiting Shoshanna was where I fell in deeeeeep love with Sho’s apartment. I have quite the obsession with Moroccan wedding blankets. The feminine textures and layers found in the apartment dazzle me. 


Marnie’s Boyfriend Charlie’s Apartment

It is not until the end of the season where we see Marnie’s super sweet ex-boyfriend Charlie’s apartment. And just like him it is adorable.

 I love the old bed spring netting in the kitchen that has been upcycled into a pot rack.

Although I do not have HBO, well I don’t have cable at all, I watch Girls as they are released on the internet and dvd collections. I am due for season 3 where I cannot wait to see what Hannah’s apartment will look like now that Marnie has moved out.. new dramas and interiors await!!

Sources: Designer Laura Ballinger, HBO, Houzz

Read More about HBO Girls


Lucy Fenton of Fenton & Fenton Home Tour

fenton dining

Living above her store, Fenton & Fenton, means Lucy Fenton can flirt with ‘insider trading’ by swapping shop products with personal belongings. The French style table is actually an Indian reproduction, surrounded by salvaged bentwoods. 

An an ever-changing living-room display, the Jardan ‘Bosko’ sofa remains the constant. The charcoal artwork on paper is by Adriane Strampp.

Art above the sofa includes work by Leighton Kelly and Kate Dorrough and framed tribal necklaces.

Kitchen eye-catchers include industrial-style lights hanging above a table found in China.

 Stacks of vintage tins and multicoloured crucifixes on the wall that have been pieced together from plastic bottles and pieces of wood.

 Color makes a grab for attention in the office where crowds of cards and clippings crown a pair of French chairs in suzani fabric from Uzbekistan. 

The bedroom features a sari-covered bedhead, bright cushions and lilac patchwork quilt. 

The Mannequin serves as a storage solution and a display for precious items. The whiteness of a French chest of drawers offsets the colour in the bedroom.

Photography: Felix Forest Styling: Jason Grant



A European Art Deco Home Tour

Geraldton exterior

Stumbling around one of my favorite online magazines this morning, I found a lovely home tour in the archives of Home Life. Photographer Sharyn Cairns captures Jo Geraldton’s European home and all the vintage details.  

A painting of the Cockerill family at a restaurant by Jo and Ray’s son, Leigh, hangs over a Chinese urn for carrying hot coals and a Danish bulldog ceramic.

This concrete sunken-in tub is tooo die for! I could have a couple of glasses of wine in this thing… 

A French bed, table and lamp in the main bedroom beneath a pretty mosquito net that Jo says “is far from decorative!”

A late 18th-century English walnut desk stands between two old French doors. I love the touches of blue.

The shelves hold chinaware inherited from Jo’s mother, and the linen was embroidered by her grandmother.

Italian tiles for the kitchen with green lucite bar stools. So fresh.

An Art Deco light in the dining area that lost its glass dome in storage shuffles still brings plenty of charm to the room.




Bradley Shellhammer Adds DRAMA to his NYC home

Shellhammer yellow couch

Bradley Shellhammer founder of Fab has recently renovated his new home in NewYork. The designer has taken modern furniture and mixed in charming antiques, architectural details and fun pops of color. This 3,000-square-foot, four-bedroom house looks like a real-life representation of his company’s Web site, with carefully edited arrangements of furnishings in eye-popping hues. 

Mr. Shellhammer helped start last June, it has become a runaway success: they now have more than 5.5 million members and employ more than 400 people, selling an average of 3.4 products a minute. 

Mr. Shellhammer furnished the house with items from Fab, including Flor carpet tiles

Although the house was extensively renovated, he kept the original rosewood kitchen cabinets, covering the wall above in chalkboard paint. ( LOVE! )

A vintage credenza in the kitchen displays teapots ($77 each) and cake stands ($34 to $62 each) by Jansen+co. The doughnuts are fake ($22 for six), for display only.

A deer head in the kitchen adds a rustic touch.

An unfinished basement was transformed into a game room.

I love all his toys displayed. They give this space such a playful tone.

Books are grouped by color. The white Christmas tree ($10) is from the Conran Shop; the Liza Minnelli needlepoint pillow ($165) is from Jonathan Adler.

His bedroom art reads DRAMA!! 

The guest room art is pretty cute as well. 

Meet Bradley
“I have a shopping problem, always have,” said Mr. Shellhammer, 36, who might be one of his company’s best customers. “I pieced together the house on Fab,” he said, choosing nesting tables by Josef Albers for the living room, Quinze & Milan furniture for the pool area, painted baseball bats to stock a gun cabinet that came with the house and even turkey taxidermy for a kitchen wall, among other things.“I love color,” said Mr. Shellhammer, who was wearing bright purple pants and aquamarine sneakers on a recent afternoon. “I think it’s very important to live with color. If you don’t like color, I feel bad for you.”


 Trevor Tondro for The New York Times


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