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Home of Anahata Katkin


There are people in the world that come into life to create and inspire others. I find they are the most admirable people on earth. Here in today’ s post I am very happy to a share a person exactly like that, Anahata  Katkin who surrounded her life with art, design and creativity.  We will visit her home, studio and shop called PAPAYA.eclectic details from Anahata Katkin' s home

Anahata Katkin is a true gem with her open her heart to different cultures around the world. She is highly influenced by Asian flavors and antiques. She is originally from Alaska and currently based in Oregon. Her her synergy comes from her constant travels around the world where she shops for her lifestyle store PAPAYA. She says as much as she  likes to wander she is deeply in love with “home”.


 She adds:

“Interiors are as rewarding and fulfilling for me as painting.  It’s not just a place to unwind.  I work here, we live here, entertain, we create and we collapse here.  I tinker with it and build on it daily.  I am constantly searching for the right balance between hoarder and modernist.  I can’t decide which I am- though clearly I am no minimalist!  It is a place to inspire my work at our PAPAYA! Living boutique and an ever changing test lab of artwork & treasures.  I wanted to share my space here because it is one of my great joys…”

anahata katkin home

It is possible to feel the rich eclectic influence on her beautiful apartment by individual pieces of furniture, kilims, fabrics and materials.

anahata katkin livingroom

None of them are aimed to be matched rather to put together with love to create a great living interior atmosphere.

anahata katkin styling

Sculptures, stones, paintings, flowers, plants they all seem like part of a theatrical scene where Anahata is the main role player. She creates her own life style like no other by great authenticity. working corner of anahata katkin

anahata katkin' s home

Her house is enlightened by beautiful daylight and she makes little surprises using every little corner by her lovely styling of materials. It is not hard to feel the comfort even just looking at the photos.

anahata katkin 193

She feels her home with daily inspirational words and quotes wherever she can find. Her positive spiritual act fills her home with great energy which expresses herself and passion for good life.

anahata katkin' s wallpanel

She decorates her walls by her mixed media wallpanels and puts her own creative signature to her rooms.

anahata katkin

She catches harmony mixing old and new, modern and antique, or in combination of informal and precious artefacts.

Anahata Katkin' s home

The combination of fabrics which are used on her room is a result of her great global taste. I especially loved the rug on the floor and the kilim puff on it.

anahata style

She travels, shops, collects, paints and shares her passion with world. She also has a blog anahata.typepad where you can see her artwork, inspirations and lifestyle. anahata katkin working corner


Her wallpaper panels are mixed media pieces built on textured wallpapers. They range between 4.5 to 6 foot in height. She applies painting, blending techniques and mixed materials. She sells them at her store PAPAYA.

Papaya store

The colors, patterns, materials, objects, antiques all create a positive visual sense causing a desire to have the style rather than one object from a store. I think that is the success of PAPAYA store. The main idea is about the beauty of visual lifestyles not  just merchandises on sale. After all, we all love to dream and admire to create. She communicates with the world that all desires are possible as long as you are ready to expand and transform. What could be more inspiring?


written by Tijen Samuray Öztek (designmixer)

images via Anahata Katkin

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Gypsy Queen Florence Welch and her new home

bohemian florence-welch

Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine is one of my favorite singers, so I couldn’t wait to share with you her new digs in South London from Vogue Magazine. 

bohemian florence-welch-house living

The singer, who has taken a year off from touring to regroup and spend quality time in the studio, describes her new place as a sanctuary, albeit one with crooked door frames and what Welch calls “wonky” stairs. “It’s like being drunk or on a ship—I think it suits me.” To quickly make this house a home, she introduced small changes that ended up having an outsize impact: putting red-and-white bull’s-eye porcelain doorknobs on the kitchen cupboards, creating a “Renaissance corner” with prints and tapestries, and, most strikingly, devoting an entire floor to her ever-expanding clothing collection. Racks heave with vintage velvet cloaks, ermine capelets, and spangled frocks; the green paillette-embroidered Givenchy couture number with the notorious dinosaur bumps that she wore to the Grammys hangs nonchalantly on the back of a door; a dazzling Deco dressing gown becomes an impromptu curtain. (But it is not a fancy-dress party every day—there is also a cupboard full of jeans, though she draws the line at the workaday T-shirt.)

florence-welch 1Welch, in a silk Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane dress, near her nineteenth-century English mirror and Victorian fireplace in the living room. “I went from singing at the Met ball to coming home and sleeping on a mattress in my mom’s living room,” recollects Florence Welch, explaining why, at the age of 26, she has just acquired her first home, and not a moment too soon. “I really needed to move out—my clothes had taken over my bedroom and my brother’s room! My space looked like an old lady’s brain explosion.”florence-welch closet

florence-welch-bathWelch loves vinyl records, and turntables grace the surfaces of virtually every room, including what she says is her favorite refuge—the bathroom, with its old-fashioned wood-paneled tub and mirrored dressing table. Asked if a flat-screen perhaps lurks behind the custom-made scrollwork doors in the bedroom or is hiding in the living-room fireplace, she replies, “No—I don’t even have one at the moment, though I love TV! I bought a vintage seventies TV, but it overheated and blew out.”florence-welch-bedroomA monumental gilt sleigh bed whose head-and foot board are covered with minuscule floral–printed fabric dominates the bedroom, where the color scheme relies heavily on a particularly British, particularly lovely shade of green. 

florence-welch-hallThe singer’s tapestry-lined stairwell, dubbed the “Renaissance Corner.”

florence-welch-detailA small collection of fiction, poetry, and music books in Welch’s bedroom

Welch collaborated with interior designer Carolyn Benson, a family friend, to re­imagine the space and source the furniture, which is mostly English and includes a vast desk in a study that is crowded with Florence ephemera: tomes on Diaghilev and Basquiat; McSweeney’s postcards; a note that reads, “You cannot burn what is already on fire”; a framed caricature of her grandfather Colin Welch, a former deputy editor at The Daily Telegraph. She is an inveterate antiquer, finding the paisley chair in the living room at a very traditional upper-crust fair in Battersea—“It was all pug dogs and tweed,” she says, laughing.

I hope she gathers inspiration from her new home and graces us with new songs soon!

Original Article from Vogue Magazine (Thank you!!)

Pictured:  Keith Haring Artwork © Haring Foundation; Tamara De Lempicka/©Tamara Art Heritage/ADAGP, Paris/ARS, NY.

Photographed by Angelo Pennetta


In deep love with ceramist Frances Palmer


I am so close to being completely unpacked and settled into my new home. As I was unpacking my studio and getting my pottery wheel into commission I started remembering this ceramist I fell in love with years ago; Frances Palmer. Her handmade ceramics are functional pieces of art; dishware and vases that can be used on a daily basis. Each piece is truly unique and a perfect addition to the bohemian table setting and decor. LOVE her!

If you have ever spent any time on the wheel you can appreciate her vases. I am in awe.

Flowers are beautiful on there own..but in her vases weeds look good.

All right, now back to playing and getting my hands dirty in some clay. Thanks Frances!!

Frances Palmer Pottery, Frances Pin Boards, Interview @ DS


The Vibrant Designer Matthew Williamson


The Vibrant Designer Matthew Williamson

Matthew Williamson, a designer, has an amazing house in London. His use of vibrant color and prints on clothes are already well known so it only makes sense that he translates the same aesthetics into his home. I absolutely LOVE this.Don’t overlook that amazing vintage peacock chair in the corner.

Mirrored chair.. just gorgeous!! What do you think of this interior designs? Would you like your house like this?

Photos by Damian Russell, not mine.

Some of my favorite picks Williamson’s 2012 Fall line.

Matthew’s 2012 Fall line features some great boho dresses and separates in exotic shades of tangerine, fuchsia and magenta. They can be paired with his fabulous clutches, brooches and jewelry.


Mary Tyler Moore Style


Mary Tyler Moore Style 

One of my favorite TV shows is the Mary Tyler Moore Show. I used to watch it every night on Nick at Nite’s TV Land. I loved the idea of this single gal trying to make it on her own.  Mary was a character that had a career, a fabulous apartment, great clothes and some crazy gal pals.

Mary found humor in silly outfits.

The stylist on that show was a fashion genius! They dressed Phyllis’ in chic slim fitting turtlenecks and to die for knee high boots.  Rhoda always had a cool boho style head scarf and gypsy like accessories. Mary rocked the fitted blazers, turtlenecks, skirts… well anything fabulous.  I loved them all!  And of course, Rhoda, the sweet bohemian was my favorite!! 


Getting the Modern Rhoda look: 



Mary Richards is a single woman who, at age 30, moves to Minneapolis after breaking off an engagement with her boyfriend of two years. (Very taboo back then !) She applies for a secretarial job at TV station WJM, but that is already taken. She is instead offered the position of associate producer of the station’s “Six O’Clock News”. 

Mary rents a third floor studio apartment in a Victorian house from acquaintance and downstairs landlady, Phyllis Lindstrom, and becomes best friends with upstairs neighbor Rhoda Morgenstern

I loved the large windows, ceiling beams and sunken in living space.  Mary’s classic M letter was one of my favorite accessories in her apartment.

 Getting to peek into Rhoda’s apartment was a rare treat. Her attic style apartment was pink and bohemian. Her etc. letters were always showcased.

Loved these ladies and their style. They will forever be iconic in my book. 


The Best DisFUNKshion

timthumb (2)

The one and only Disfunkshion Magazine

Recently I jumped on the Instagram bus and although all my photos are of my sweet feline Vera Wang and nephew Gavin,  I have stumbled upon some very cool bohemian looks out there. Most of my beloved photos are from bloggers or shop owners, but one in particular that really caught my immediate interest was different.  After doing a little bit of stalking, I realized that there was more to these fabulous pics, there was a whole magazine I had never heard of; Disfunkshion.

Disfunkshion Magazine is more than just beautiful woman. It has a mission statement that is intended to touch the heart and soul of every woman. They offer a variety of articles about REAL LIFE situations, awareness and advice for females, art, music and fashion.

With Disfunkshion Magazine, every young woman can be heard, through her heart-felt words of wisdom, or through the expression of art. The painters, illustrators, poets, songwriters, photographers and other artists have the opportunity to showcase their talents in a publication that is for them and supports their innovative spirits.

With that said, Disfunkshion is the magazine that motivates young women to proudly be themselves in this identity seeking society.


Their inspirational photo boards are my favorite. Like a “hang in there” poster with a cat struggling to hold on, they are medicine to my soul.  

Disfunktion hopes to motivate and inspire the modern woman who must juggle the diversities and challenges of life, with style. They also help build the role models of today’s society by offering tips on ways to get involved in the community and make this world a better place.


 Show them support..  DisFunkshion !!

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