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Bohemian Bedroom Inspiration

lovely bohemian bedroom

Bohemian Bedroom Inspiration ; I am looking for some inspiration for my new bohemian bedroom. I moved into my current home a couple of months ago and haven’t gotten around to updating my bedroom. Actually, I haven’t touched it. There is a bed, white walls, no curtains.. It’s SO not me.

Bohemian bedrooms are a blend of modern, vintage and global-ethnic furnishings. This look is casual, free flowing and can take you beyond the expected design boundaries.

Im ITCHING to get started…I know I want to paint the walls, get new bedding, new curtains, but first thing is first I need some inspiration.

I looked around at boho inspired bedrooms and thought I would share my favorites.

Inspiration Decor

Love the mix of bright patterns…girly!! My favorite!

Elle Decor

I would love a bed like this. Bohemian Bedroom Inspiration DIY dream?!

Moon to Moon

Love the idea of a basket, wicker, or a natural textile in my bedroom.

Bohemian Twilight

A ceiling hung tapestry would cover my unsightly ceiling!

Design Sponge

Vintage Home Tumbler

Traditional Home

This headboard is my absolute favorite!

Curated Style

I love these colors.. not sure how relaxed they would make me.

Totally Madly

MyBohoTreehouse Tumbler

Not sure that my budget could handle furs plus ivory inlaid furniture.. but it is fabulous!

Follow us and stay tuned to see how my new bedroom turns out!!

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