Light up my life with Bohemian lighting

boho lantern

Bohemian Lighting Love:

As I am still trying to transform my new house into a home I find myself trying to find new ways to introduce a little bohemian life and color into rooms where the landlord has forbidden me from painting the walls. (#miss.mylast.landlord.mysweetmomma) However, he hasn’t yet forbidden the changing of light fixtures …. and I dare not ask permission. I will have to choose an amazing piece and ask for forgiveness later. As I look for ideas and inspiration I am overwhelmed by the beauty that bohemian lighting brings to a room!

Light up my life with Bohemian lightingLight up my life with Bohemian lightingLight up my life with Bohemian lighting

There is something about bohemian lighting that adds such warmth to a room.


Choosing the right light fixture can visually and emotionally warm your spirit. With the winter months almost to an end the absence of sunlight can contribute to bouts of depression. What some call the blues can sometimes be diagnosed as the extreme version called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). So if you are feeling blue and need some life in your space think about a new light fixture. 

Gold lighting cross lightI think everyone needs at least one piece of this room in their lives; an Eames lounger, disco balls, a cross light, concrete floors, or a beautiful brunette. 

fabric covered

The idea of wrapping fabric over an existing light fixture has really sparked some ideas for my home. 

Scary lightlounge

Love these beautiful bohemian lanterns. They seem to make every space more special. 

gold intricate lightAntique Room

lanturn in bedroomlibrary

These are just amazing examples of bohemian lighting.

Magazine chandi

paper lanturnsticks light

With the weekend here I am so pumped about taking these bohemian lighting ideas and using them in my new home. I will post pictures soon! Wish everyone well! XOXOXO


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28 Responses

  1. Peet says:

    It’s definitely better to ask forgiveness than to ask permission…:) Go for it, I say even paint the wall.;) These photos are so cool, now I want to change my lights around the apartment!!

  2. Carmen says:

    Wow, loving your beautiful inspirations over here! Also saw that you´re following me on Bloglovin where I just followed you back :)
    Looking forward to hearing more from you!!

  3. Rita says:

    It’s so interesting how much warmth and comfort a light fixture adds to a warm! Love all of these! Hope you find the right one for your place:)!

  4. Tessa says:

    Beautiful inspiration post! I didn’t only liked the lights but also many of the carpets and rugs. And I’m going for the discoball!

  5. Beautiful images! I have the morish style in differents colors, they are beautiful but they do not give you much light so have that in mind. I love as well the paper one, easy to clean and it always look great.
    I´d love to see in one of your beautiful posts one dedicate to nice and bohemians shops!
    Enjoy your new home! Ah! in the post happy birthday to me you can see how the lamps morish style lamps are quite popular in Andalucia where I live in tea salons, bars..

  6. Heel in Mint says:

    Lighting fixtures can really add so much drama to any room. That’s one of the things that I rely on to add warmth and drama to my living space. Gorgeous collection of pictures. Love the color scheme in 2, 15 and 18. :)

    Heel in Mint

I love hearing each of your comments.. they make me and Vera smile!


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