Bohemian Bathroom


Bohemian Bathroom

As far as decorating, the bathroom can sometimes be the most overlooked room in the home. Whether you are renting or just too broke to tackle a full renovation, we have some tips for you that will get your bathroom looking good and into the boho era!

1. Color!!! Grab a paintbrush and paint a wall or a vanity. If you are Boho then you are not afraid of color.


2. Bring in furniture from other parts of the home; like a dresser, lamp or a chair. It will give the bathroom a much more homey feeling. 

3. Upcycle! Get creative… Think of new ways to use furniture pieces, such as this bike or tree as a counter base.. You could also use an old chest of drawers as a vanity, an old suitcase into a medicine cabinet, hanging clothes/jewelry on a tree stump, a vintage sign for art or old tin cans for storage.

4. Bright fabrics with ethnic patterns from around the world. Mix in bright tiles and throw down a regular rug.  Instead of an ugly shower curtain, use regular curtains. 

Can’t afford to re-tile your whole bathroom? Just buy a couple of fabulous tiles and line the backslash! If you are worried about your landlord then sticky tape them into place!! (no one will know :))

5. Texture is a great way to add dimension. Mix textures likes raw wood, metals and copper. A great way to bring in true bohemian texture is with plants!

6. Art Work! This is my favorite thing in Bohemian spaces! You must MUST have a gallery wall full of different types of artwork or mirrors. Have unique pieces; ethnic plates, tapestries and throws can also be used as art on the walls.

7. Groovy, eclectic light.. in this case.. the bigger and weirder the better!

8. Bohemian interiors are inspired by traveling India, Morocco, South Africa & South America. Bring in Atleast One Funky, ethnic, one of a kind piece, like a pair of old doors, capiz shells or even a large shell sink. They are sure to add unique flair to your space.

9. Get Messy!! Okay.. I may have made this up.. but its sooo boho!!!

 These are just a few ideas that I have on what a bohemian bathroom is.. PLEASE let me know your ideas!!

I know I have a ton of photos on this page but I HAD to add this one last one that I just found over at Aetlier Turner. AMAZING!!


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33 Responses

  1. Wow, I am really loving all of these! I am thinking my bathroom may need a little boho-makeover :) I don’t even know which one I like best, but the one with the antique drawers and black and white with jewelry rack is really beautiful! Thanks for sharing, hope you’re having a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah

  2. Che says:

    Wow, those are great tips! I agree, we spend so much time in there so prettying it up is important – love the bike as a stand =)
    – Che

I love hearing each of your comments.. they make me and Vera smile!


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